As we saw on the previous page, despite a real good attempt by Sega to re-create the look and feel of the Arcade game Space Harrier at home, the home version just does not have the firepower that the arcade version has, a good attempt by Sega - but not certainly not an "Arcade experience at home".
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Outrun is another famous Sega arcade game from 1986 - some might say the arcade glory days of Sega. The original Outrun game featured an arcade cabinet in the shape of a car, this is very cool, but sadly no fake cockpit comes along with the Master System version of the game ;)

The graphics of the arcade game were considered to be some of the best around when it came out, Outrun was a huge hit for Sega, and the soundtrack was slightly whacky in a cheesy sort of way, but still sounded great. With all this in mind many people wanted to bring some of this action home. Sadly, the Master System version again just leaves a rather unsatisfying feeling compared to the arcade version. Outrun in the acade was about the sheer speed, going full pelt into a corner skidding around narrowly avoiding a palm tree, the Master System version of the game seems to have the Ferrari engine replaced by a Lada engine - or so it seems, the game is just too slow! And there doesn't seem to be any real "feel" of speed. Although the graphics resemble the arcade version it just isn't the same, theres so many empty spaces.

Arcade Title Screen

Master System Title Screen

Arcade 1st level

Master System 1st level

I'm afraid again the Sega Master System version suffered greatly in conversion, the game is just not the same game as the arcade version.

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