Notes from the author

I created this game with Flash in 2006. I'd had plenty of experience using the software at the time but primarily for animations and interactive content. This was my first attempt and using code and creating a game. Using tutorials from the web I managed to cobble together some code for controls and collision detection, which formed the game engine. The rest was pretty much done with animation and simple action functions. As the graphics are simple, recreating them was no problem. All the text was done in a downloadable font so that saved a lot of work. My only slight gripe is how the sound turned out. The quality wasn't great and the timing on the loop isn't quite right. Overall, I'm happy with how it all turned out and feel that it is pretty accurate to the original game. I also added in an extra level and a little cheat if you can find it. I still have the original source code and Flash file for this so perhaps one day I'll create a Snail Maze 2, with all new mazes!
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