Here you can check out the Sega Master System collections of some of our members. If you would like to showcase your collection on this page then please send images to with your information and pictures. Take as many as you want and go nuts with it.

You can send as many images as you want, but please don't send excessively large sized files over e-mail without first asking. You should ZIP or RAR all your photos into a single file before sending. If you wish you can include some comments to be included on your page. Check out some of the collections below to get an idea for how to set up your own page before you send your stuff. As you alter what you have, keep us updated and make everyone else jealous.

Chuck's collection
A nice collection of around 160 games and some boxed systems.
Rupert's collection
One of the most impressive collections you'll ever see and beautifully presented.
Martin Law's collection
This Spanish collector has nearly 300 games, including a nice selection of Brazilian games.
Kung Fu Kid's collection
Excellent collection with a great set of magazines, including the rare Sega Master Force.
Matt Barnett's collection
Around 160 games and a nice set of 3D glasses with games.
Sinistral's collection
Great collection of rare Japanese items and enough games to sleep on!
Stan's collection
Very impressive collection of 3rd party hardware and other rare items.
Wonderboy's collection
A growing collection but already has some uncommon titles.
Chunkchenko's collection
Lots of rare titles, including TecToy releases, sealed games and peripherals
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