Welcome to the SMS character profiles page. Listed below are the five most important game characters on the Master System voted on by community members. We hope to gradually add more character profiles so be sure to check back in future.

We've put together incredibly detailed information regarding each character and their history, including tons of facts and data most people probably aren't even aware of. Each section includes a complete list of games that each particular character has been involved in on the Master System, some short lists of other games and useful links to pages where more can be found out about these characters including several great articles from Gamespy. We hope you enjoy the section, but if you have any information about a character which we don't have yet, please contact one of the administrators and get it added so each history can be as complete as possible.

All the information you see here has been painstakenly put together from various websites, obscure interviews and otherwise impossible to find bits of facts about character design, creators, programmers, and the like. Anyway, get ready, you're about to get the most conscise history of these characters that you've ever read and probably will ever read until someone steals it!

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