Becky asks:
I'm finding it impossible to finish the first level! I get completely stuck in a dead end. After crossing the water that has ropes to jump to and from, I keep going right and climb the ropes that the strange men are traveling up. Then once I've got to the bottom of the ropes on the right hand side, I'm in a dead end and the time runs out! Help!
Prof says:
Ah yes. I'm not surprised to hear someone needs help with this game. It can really get you tearing your hair out. Come to think of it, if I wasn't such a good gamer I'd probably have a lot less hair than I do. Ho ho!

Your problem young lass, is that your heading in the wrong direction. After you've crossed the water and come to the four ropes, rather than sticking to the right, you need to head left. The rest of the level is pretty straight-forward from there on. Here's a quick video to assist you (forgive the quality, my Acorn computer's getting a bit old). Hope that helps!

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