Though it took awhile for me to finally get all the information together and start working on this interview, it was overall quite a pleasant experience, and as I think you'll all agree after reading this, more than worth the wait. As I've said before, it seems to me that, for the most part, most fans and such in the Master System scene seem to always be kind, willing to share stories and interesting bits of history. I had been working on another interview for a (gasp!) Nintendo website I help with, when I discovered the programmer had actually done some work for the SMS, specifically the game R.C. Grand Prix. Being a game I was always interested in and since the opportunity was there, I figured, why not do another interview? Sure enough, he was more than willing so a big thanks to him for all his help in writing this article. The following, instead of just a question/answer run like I did the last time with John Sauer, is going to be a write-up based on our interview. I feel it works a little better this way since I can organize the information in a way that makes more sense. Thus I've organized it with a bit of history about Scott himself, followed with some history of the development of R.C. Grand Prix, a short history of its release and then pages on how some of it was programmed, including a detailed explanation of some of its code written and explained so that even the most computer-illterate of members can understand it. Please keep in mind that any really hardcore technical stuff was written by Scott and altered by me just a bit to fit the flow of the rest of the article. Now let's get started with some basics about Scott and the game itself. Click on the R.C. and VROOOOOOOOOOOM to the next page!

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