Throughout my years of playing the Sega Master System, I've noticed several similarities in graphics between various games. I know these instances are most likely down to developers re-using sprites (i.e. being lazy), but in my own little way I like to think that somehow these graphical similarities link together to form a sort-of Master System universe.

Farfetched sentimentalism aside, here are some examples of what I mean:


Probably one of the most well-known uses of sprite re-using, is the frog from Alex Kidd in Miracle World and My Hero. Both of these games were early titles (released in 1986) so it's hard to say which game it appeared in first. Although My Hero was originally released in the arcade in 1985, the frog wasn't present. In both games, these frogs jump up and down on the spot and kill you if touched, but the My Hero version also spits projectiles at you. And there's no bike to run it over with.


This guy appears in Alex Kidd in Miracle World and Teddy Boy. He first appeared in the Teddy Boy arcade game in 1985 so I assume the sprite was ported to the SMS version of Teddy Boy and then re-used in Alex Kidd.

Wimbledon/Master of Darkness

These games share some of the same developers and it shows. The Dracula victim from Master of Darkness has always reminded me of the tennis player 'Hines' from Wimbledon.

Destroyed enemy sprite

The same developers also used a similar sprite for when you destroy enemies in Psychic World, Ninja Gaiden and Master of Darkness.

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