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Reviewer Name: Juniorfan89
Game Difficulty: Medium
Difficulty Options: False
Game Information
Full Title: Alf
Year Released: 1989
Game Type: Platform
Max Players: 1

Ahh, the lovable cat-eating, hairy alien with the long snot that everyone loved from the 1980's known as Alien Life Form, or "ALF" for short, has been in cartoons, star of his own television show, co-star of a one-hour anti-drug campaign called "Cartoon All Stars to the Rescue," and was even part of the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, made two rare appearances in his own video game for the Sega Master System and DOS Computer System. Today, we will be looking at the Master System version of this game which many say is the worst Master System ever. Will the reviewer agree? Let's find out!
Really, the only word I have to say about this game is inconsistent. Why is inconsistent you ask? Well, for one, if you played this for the first time and hadn't seen any gameplay videos and reviews of ALF on Youtube and hadn't gone to gamefaqs, you will get lost, roam around the same three or four sceneries in the game, and yell at the game like a psychopath saying some thing like, "WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSE TO DO?!". What you have to do is grab Lucky (the cat) and grab a piece of salami in the fridge as a weapon..... Yes, the salami is used as a weapon in this game and trust me, folks, you will see why it sucks because it's the ONLY BLOODY WEAPON YOU HAVE IN THE GAME. See, now back to why this game is inconsistent. You have so many basic, fundimental puzzles like the salami in the fridge, yet first time opening it, you wouldn't know that because the game doesn't hint the player which means you have to go there blind wandering like a complete idiot for 40 minutes just to figure out what to do. Now, you go the hallway, go into the second door, and use Lucky to scare the rat from the basement. Now, touch the light and you find some mysterious cave. Now, the salami you use in the caves is completely useless because the programmers obviously wanted ALF to hold the salami above his head which makes killing the bats a real pain because the bats move at an inconsistent rate of speed. Hit-detection is just garbage. See, the bats I just mentioned, well you have to stand at an exact spot in order to hit or else your going to see Alf six feet under, and the alien task force or pimps that you see first in the game, if you manage to stand on top of the kitchen counter. Guess what? They automatically kill you because they move from right to left or vice versa and they don't jump which is utter bullcrap. Also, this game's too friggin' short because you can manage to complete all the task and go to Mars to see your friends in a matter of 15 minutes or less (go watch talbot's video of ALF for the Master System). So, as far gameplay concerned, it's really terrible as it's trying to be like Metroid for the NES, but fails miserably because in Metroid you went from point A to point B try to find the certain weapon of choice and go back to the level to do the same thing. No wonder this game was U.S. only!
The graphics are horrible because the animations look so stupid/retarded because the designers of the game decided they want ALF whenever ducking to make him look like he's taking a dump and for the ATF men or pimps to grab repeatingly like their squeezing their pretend prostitutes boobs. The animations are very choppy and just looks like complete and utter rubbish. The foregrounds and backgrounds look very unrealistic for it's time, and look like more or less someone's hand drawing at the age 10 on MS Paint or some lazy graphic designer whom decided to spended maybe 30 minutes doing backgrounds/foregrounds which is why it looks extremely pixelated. The only redeeming factor is the graphics are pretty colorful and the sprites look decent. So, in general, ALF is one of the worst looking Master System games for the System as Super Mario Bros. on the NES had better graphics than this, and it came out 1985!
Sound & Music
Well, there are no sound effects for the game, but the music I will say it's really not that great, but it's really not that bad either. It's actually somewhat tolerable compared to other SMS soundtracks, and despite how short the game is, it's does have a decent amount of tunes for the game like 7 tracks for the whole entire game. The only down site to the music is that all of the OST in the game except for the cave parts and when you up to space sound overly joyful and happy. So, the music it's at least bearable.
Controls are smooth and fluent in this game; however, the only thing I have to say about the controls is that opening doors can be awkward at times because your pressing the 1 button with the up button at the same time. Really, nothing to say about the controls.
Replay Value
Music & Sound
Replay Value
Why do you want to play this game again? The only reason to play this pile of crap again is if you want to torment yourself or torment your friends as far as playing some sick prank by telling your friends that it's the best game ever made and respond like a gullible retarded. Trust me, do not play this game again unless you want see ALF wave again in his faggot-like spacesuit.
In general, ALF is not exactly the worst SMS game out there, but it is one of the worst games to play for any third gen console. This game screwed over the Metroid formula big time, and inconsistent is word to describe what the gameplay truly is. The only reason why you may want to buy this game is because it's a rare Master System and would be perfect for Master System and Sega collectors. As seen on eBay, getting this game on an auction can cost at least $50 for a CIB version of this. This game was the only U.S. release only for the Master System and by the review, many people can see why. This game is garbage! Putting it in your Master System will indeed destroy the console! AVOID IT LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!
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