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Reviewer Name: Astro
Game Difficulty: Medium
Difficulty Options: True
Game Information
Full Title: Alien Storm
Year Released: 1991
Game Type: Shooting
Max Players: 2

Shape-changing alien scum take over your city. Fry the slimy horrors and smash their bid for global conquest. Blast into action with fire blazers, electric whips and more.

Thatís what it says on the box, and although that may not make it sound like much, they never really say anything too spiffy on the master system game boxes, fire blazers? I think their talking about the laser that your human friend shoots out because thereís no such thing as a fire blazer.
Well what can i say, this has magnificent game-play, though it seems hard to class this game because for the most part it plays like a scrolling beater like renegade or something similar except you shoot lasers or use an electric whip, but then on the flip-side you have dead angle style shooting bits (only better in pretty much every way) and also straight running bits where you just jump, move out of the way or shoot the little alien buggers, itís fairly varied and isnít too long but not to short either so itís a worthy waste of an afternoon (if you can beat the last level that is). The game basically plays like this first you just walk around killing bad guys until you see the little go signal prompting you to go forward collecting health (when you need it) and energy (used for creating massive explosions when the screen is crammed full of enemies. Then when you get to the shop you move you cursor around firing at all the baddies that come your way. Then later you have the running bits, like a flying shoot emí up except you run, itís way faster, and you donít collect power ups, you could compare it to atomic runner on the mega drive I youíve played that.
Very good, or at least well animated, sometimes it does get a bit slow though and there may be a few slight glitches with flickery sprites, but itís pretty hard to tell. The backgrounds are repeated in the levels which is expected and you donít really seem to care. The enemy animations are simplistic but you can still get past it and look beyond it, same with the character animations, though the characters have a few more animations compared to the enemies.
Sound & Music
I quite enjoy the soundtrack to this, it isnít very annoying and does seem to set an atmosphere at times, like at the start of the game, the title screen has sounds which try to give an eerie effect to coincide with the title which tries to set the alienated scene of the game. As for sound quite average, well you could say expected for the master system anyway.
Nothing wrong here except sometimes fighting gets a bit tough, but thatís more a slowness issue.
Replay Value
Music & Sound
Replay Value
Well considering I haven't completed it fully yet, (only up to the last level) I have played it a fair bit to try and finish it off but once you complete it Iíd say youíd be only coming back once every few months or maybe years even, pretty much only when your bored or donít have much else to play.
In closing I would say this is a mighty fine play and very good the first time around, Iím even willing to go so far as to say itís better than itís Megadrive counter-part one of the best in my collection. (though I donít have that many great games)
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