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Reviewer Name: ShadowAngel
Game Difficulty: Medium
Difficulty Options: False
Game Information
Full Title: World Cup Italia '90
Year Released: 1990
Game Type: Sports
Max Players: 1

The good thing about ebay is you sometimes get Games you would never have bought, maybe cause they are not interesting, sometimes the games are great and sometimes you are happy you never bought them for a full-price. So this happen to me today as a bunch of new games arrived and with it came World Cup Italia '90. I must say I don't like football/soccer that much, although I liked International Superstars Soccer Deluxe and live in Munich were normally everyone is a fan of this Sport. So lets see how good soccer games are on the master system.
There are 3 Types to play. You can just play a single match were you choose your team and your opponent or you can make a Penalty Kick Contest and finally there is the World Cup. Also this game has a 2-Player Option, but just for Single Match and Penalty Kick. You can't play a World Cup with 2 Players. There are 30 Teams you can play, all have different abilities. So a Match against China is easier than against Brazil. After that you start right away with the match, you can't change the players or the tactics. Now lets start a match: The pitch is small and the player is too, also every Team has just 8 Players instead of 11. Also this game looks has no rules. The only rule is to score a goal, there are no fouls and with this no free-Kicks or Penalties, but at least they included the Corner Kick. The Game also gets rid of the Offside Rule, which is actually good as this rule just sucks ;-)
I think the best graphic is the animated player in the team select menu. He has some nice animation. You see the Matches overhead, which means your Player are just small black Circles. The Field is plain and the crowd does look like a big brown moving thing.
Sound & Music
The Music gets annoying very quick. Also the Sound effects are nothing special, the whistle of the referee is too loud and the sound when a player makes a tackle sounds like scratching over the field. The Crowd sounds like your speakers are damaged. So my advise is to turn the music off as fast as you can.
The controls are OK and the typical Shoot and Pass, you can also make tackles, but no header or special moves.
Replay Value
Music & Sound
Replay Value
Now with the different Teams this game should have some replay value, as you can try to win the World Cup with Japan or some other bad Teams. Also there is the 2-Player Mode, but as I said before you can't play the World Cup with 2 Players and this just sucks. But the game is just bad and so I think most people with play 1 or 2 matches and then never again.
World Cup Italia '90 is more the caricature of Soccer. With less players, no tactics and no rules this Game is just bad. So I wouldn't recommended this Game even if you love the Sport.
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