Review Information
Reviewer Name: ShadowAngel
Game Difficulty: Easy
Difficulty Options: True
Game Information
Full Title: Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars
Year Released: 1988
Game Type: Platform
Max Players: 1

I remember getting this Game around 1991. I always loved Alex Kidd in Miracle World, but Lost Stars was a big disappointment for me.. The Story is generic: The evil monster Jiggarat has stolen the stars from the sky and Alex is the one to get them back.
This game is quite different to its predecessor. Alex can't punch anymore and he can take more than one Hit. Instead of Lives there is now a Vitality Bar which works like in Wonder Boy. It's a combination of your time and health that automatically decreases even you stand still, if you are hit by an enemy you will lose a lot of your vitality which can only be replenished by collecting power ups. There are some more Power ups to collect. One makes you jump higher and another one gives you the ability to shoot waves against your enemies. The Game consists of 7 Levels. The first 6 to find Magic Balls and the last one is called Zigurrat. After you finished these Levels you start again from the beginning and must again run trough all the 7 Levels but this time they are a bit more difficult.
Looks like this Game is aimed for Children. So many different Colors and big Sprites of all Characters. Some of the Enemies are really bizarre, there are Dogs and Dragons shooting Letter against you, eggs which transform into little dragons and then there is one freaky Guy shooting blue Balls out of his ass The Levels are quite different, the first Level looks like a Toyland, then there is a robotworld, you go underwater and you even run trough a giant body.
Sound & Music
The Music fits the levels of the game and they are all good, but none of them can reach the Miracle World Theme. Sound effects are OK and there is also some Speech in the Game, before every Level is a Voice saying 'Find the Miracle Ball' and even Alex has a digitized scream when he gets it and this one is pretty annoying, so better don't get hit.
The Controls are simple, one Button is to jump and the other one to Shoot. Nothing more to say, they respond fast and the only problem can be the jump against ropes or rails as you can easily fall off them.
Replay Value
Music & Sound
Replay Value
Alex Kidd - The Lost Stars is a short and very easy game. But at least it has a Score Option so you can play this game again and try to get a better score.
'Alex Kidd in Miracle World' and 'Shinobi World' are way better but the Lost Stars aren't a bad Game. It's just way too easy and too short but it is still way better than 'Alex Kidd in High-tech World'. So if you like Platform Games and Alex Kidd you should get it.
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