Review Information
Reviewer Name: Dezanuebe
Game Difficulty: Easy
Difficulty Options: False
Game Information
Full Title: Streets of Rage
Year Released: 1993
Game Type: Fighting
Max Players: 2

Axel, Adam and Blaze are three ex-cops tired of the crime wave that´s sweeping the city. They decide to take out the evil syndicate and their leader, Mr. X. Do you think they have what it takes to succeed in the... STREETS OF RAGE!?!
Streets of Rage is your typical side scrolling beat´em up, your objective is to reach the end of the level and destroy the round boss, along the way you must dispose of all the enemies that came along the way. The game has an excellent gameplay and is extremely addictive, unfortunately it has a big problem (that happens in several SMS games), the lack of a two players mode, too bad!!(in the Genesis I would kill my partner and take over as crime lord...)
The graphics are really awesome and very close in terms of quality to the Genesis version, all the levels are cool, especially the 3rd (beach), 4th (Bridge) and 5th levels (Ship). we notice that Sega really put an effort in trying to make this game special in almost every aspect (unfortunately they did not do the same with SOR II). The graphics are appealing and the use of colors very well made, for moments you think you´re playing in a 16 bits machine.
Sound & Music
The sound is above the SMS average with some sounds extracted from the Genesis version, which isn´t surprising considering that they made a superb passage of the original Yuko Koshiro´s soundtrack in what represents one of the finest SMS soundtracks ever heard and proving without a shadow of a doubt that the SMS could produce great music. I especially like the music from the 3rd, 4th, 5th and last level.
The controls are excellent, simple, responsive and well laid out, you won´t have any kind of trouble and will start kicking ass easily!!
Replay Value
Music & Sound
Replay Value
a good beat´em up has always replay value, and SOR enters that category easily, I end the game several times and sometimes like to put the cheat code and play in one of my favorite levels, after all who doesn´t like to break some heads from time to time?!?
Streets of Rage is the Best Beat´em Up for the SMS, it´s that simple. You won´t find anything better or as well balanced as this one for the SMS. Renegade, Double Dragon, Vigilante and Streets of Rage II don´t stand a chance against this one. If you can have only one, your choice is an easy one: STREETS OF RAGE!!
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