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Reviewer Name: Andy Allison
Game Difficulty: Easy
Difficulty Options: False
Game Information
Full Title: Rescue Mission
Year Released: 1988
Game Type: Shooting
Max Players: 1

Ah good old Rescue Mission, one of the few titles compatible with the Sega Light Phaser that was worth playing. I remember I got this game with my light phaser one Christmas, the phaser I received came with a combo cartridge of Marksman shooting/Trap shooting and Safari hunt, after playing those games first on Christmas day I have to admit I was a little disappointed with the light phaser I had drooled over in the games catalogue for months. My concerns were immediately alleviated upon inserting this little beauty into the cartridge slot!
Rescue Mission is a fast paced blast-a-thon of a game; you play with an overhead view as some kind of ďair supportĒ for your character that moves by cable cart to rescue injured comrades on the battlefield. Each comrade you find you have to allow your medic to heal before you can proceed any further in the level, and this is where your medic is most vulnerable! You must protect him at all costs! If your medic dies don't worry too much, still another two remain, each medic has different skills, one heals really quickly, one moves fast and one is just a plain pain in the ass who stops moving every 30 seconds for a break!
Although it is true the graphics in the game are simplistic, they do serve their purpose very well, there isn't a great deal of variety, you shoot men on foot, men on jetpacks, men with bazookas, there could have been much more done, I would have like to have saw the addition of tanks etc, but sadly no. On some levels there are mines on the tracks, if you hit these your cart goes flying in the air and the medic dies, this is pretty cool the first time you see it! It's also got other nice little touches, like if you shoot your own medic, he stops moving and is dizzy for a moment. Levels have diverse backgrounds; you go across desert, sea, swamps, plains etc. Graphics are not the strongest point of the game, but for a Mega cartridge they are not too bad at all.
Sound & Music
One thing I love about this game is the music, why? Simple, itís catchy, unique and doesn't annoy you. Like many of the earlier games for Master system, Rescue mission has those type of tunes that "stick" in your head, to this day I can still hum all the tunes without thinking too hard about it. Shooting and explosion sounds are also OK, nothing new or earth shattering here; it would be nice to have a wider variety of sound effects though in order to differentiate between different kind of weapon fire.
Controls? What control?!? This is a Light Phaser game, all you need to know is how to aim and pull the trigger! The medic does the rest; selection of medic is done though shooting them to choose which one you want. Although the lack of control may sound a little boring believe me this game is NOT boring at all! Once you pickup that light phaser and waves of troops start attacking you you'll be thankful that all you have to do is shoot!
Replay Value
Music & Sound
Replay Value
As one of the limited selection of lighr phaser titles on the Master System this game really stands out from the others, the gameplay is fun and addictive. I have finished this game a great many times, because its just so addictive, the ending is also nice; you are awarded a medal. I've no doubt I will play this again.
Rescue Mission is in my opinion the best available title that uses the Light Phaser, itís a fun and addictive and isn't too frustrating. There is always something to do in this game, you never find yourself looking at an empty screen, with the addition of a rapid fire unit the game gets much easier, but this isn't required. If you don't own this then you should stop concentrating on all of those "rare" games and pick up this "fun" game.
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