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Reviewer Name: ShadowAngel
Game Difficulty: Easy
Difficulty Options: False
Game Information
Full Title: Pro Wrestling
Year Released: 1986
Game Type: Fighting
Max Players: 2

This Game has no Story. You just choose a Tag-Team and fight your Way over the World to gain the Championship Belts. There is only the Tag-Team mode, no Singles Matches and the Matches are plain Tag-Team Matches, so no Tornado-Tag, no Tables, no Elimination or Falls Count Anywhere. Also Pro Wrestling has no License, so there is no Hulk Hogan or Ric Flair.
The Gameplay is really bad. Every Wrestler has the same Basic Attacks (Kick, Punch and Body Attack) and then every one has 4 Moves, which range from a Drop Kick to a Body Slam. I Guess the Teams are divided in Heel and Face Teams (In Wrestling Heel = Bad and Face = Good). On the Select Screen the 2 Teams on the left ('The Great Maskmen' and the 'Mad Soldiers') are the Heels, cause they can take a Chair to attack their Opponent and the 2 on the Right ('The Orient Express' and 'The Crush Brothers') are the Faces, they can't take a Chair but they can climb the Top Ropes to use some High Flying Attacks. The Matches must be Heel vs. Face, so you can't fight with the Orient Express against the Crush Brothers or with the Maskmen against the Soldiers. So after you get in the Ring (The Wrestler make an Entrance and have all a Theme Song, which is nice) you must fight 10 Rounds against one Team to get the Mexican Championship, then you fly over to Hawaii to fight again 10 Rounds against the other Team to get the Pacific Championship. After winning that, you go to New York to fight for the World Tag-Team Championship, again 10 Rounds against the first Team. All in all you must win 30 Rounds, and that get really boring. Also you play against the Clock, for every Round you have 3 Minutes to beat the opponent Team, if the Time is running out, you loose, even if you have more Energy than the other Team.
The Graphic is bad, even for 1987. The Characters are all deformed (Alex Kidd would fit in perfectly) and there is not much to see, the Ring looks generic and has in all 3 Championships the same design. The Crowd in the Background consists of some heads waving from left to right The Animation of the Fighters are average. The Animation for the Bodyslam and the Brainbuster are nice done. But the Drop Kick and the Head Butt look weird and the wrestler can fly over the half ring. One thing to the Referees: They must be drunk, as they dance the whole time at the Top at the Ring.
Sound & Music
The Music is nothing special. The Entrance Songs are nice made, but there is only one Song and it is annoying after the first Round. The sound effects are to low, as the Music is maybe five times louder. But what you hear are totally unrealistic sounds. The Referee has a voice, when he counts a pin, but it sounds more like 'Von...too...Fee' instead of One, Two, Three.
The Controls are OK, Button 1 is for Punches, Button 2 for Kicks, press both Button and your Wrestler runs around like on Speed. When your Enemy lies on the floor, you can either send him to the ropes or perform a move, by pressing Button 1 for around two Seconds.
Replay Value
Music & Sound
Replay Value
This Game is Boring. I bet when you look in a encyclopedia for the Term Boring you find Pro Wrestling as an entry. As you must fight every Team for 10 Rounds against the Clock, it gets repetitive in no-time. The 2-Player Mode can be fun for about 5 Minutes, but that's it.
The Game is just bad. Even if you're the biggest Wrestling Fan in the World, you should save the Money for it and rather spend it for a Wrestling Video, as that is more fun than this Game.
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