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Reviewer Name: Master Mark S. Kanaar
Game Difficulty: Easy
Difficulty Options: True
Game Information
Full Title: Shinobi
Year Released: 1988
Game Type: Platform
Max Players: 1

Well, I own the arcade game for this classic. Shinobi is one of those game that would make you mad because you died in one hit on the arcade. Yet, it was a game you loved to play because you are a ninja named Joe. Yes, an American name and the ninja is a good guy rescueing kids. Not like in Micheal Jaskson's Moonwalker, where the idea of this man rescueing kids brings up some questions that we don't have time to wonder about here. It a classic and the Sega Master System does an awesome job producing this game. May years ago, I bought a Sega Master System and owned Shinobi. Life was good. Then, one of my friends stole my copy of this classic game. I was upset. I spent the night over at his house and got into an arguement with him left it over there by accident. An accident that this haunts me to this day. I looked for a copy of the game all over the place, but no store had Sega Master System games for sale. So, the best I could do as a middle schooler was to buy the NES version. Big mistake. I should of bought the tiger hand held Shinobi game, it is probably better. I could not understand haw one 8-bit console could make a game so much better then another 8-bit game. It is an experience that still haunts my childhood memories.
Well, the Sega Master System does and get job converting the arcade port to the 8-bit version. There a couple of this that are not the same. One, you have a life bar and it can increase if you rescue the right kid. The arcade had no life bar, if you hit someone it just knocked you back. If you were hit by a weapon, you are dead. They don't mess around. If was a quick way to kiss your quarters good bye. Is it a good or bad thing? Well, if you are a hardcore arcade nut, it is a bad thing. If you want to play the actually and have a chance to beat it, its a good thing. Also, weapons are added to the game. Think about this, an eight bit game, has more options for weapons then the arcade counterpart. Wow, that boggles my mind just thinking about it. The added weapons from a distance is the knives and bombs. The close in weapons are the Nunchakus. This could make a hardcore arcade gamer upset, but I feel that the life bar and the added weapons help with the replay value of the game. One thing that only a hand full of Shinobi fans know is the ending on the Sega Master System is different then the arcade. Here is the ending of the Sega Master System, "Game Over", the same title when you die. Wow, that stinks. I just beat and super hard game and "Game Over" is the ending. The Arcade shows Joe's face with a paragraph to read. Not to special, but at least it is an ending. I never beat the NES version, I could stand playing it after playing the SMS version. Another thing that is different is the bonus rounds give you magic on the SMS version and the arcade you get free lives. Also, if you beat a stage with out using your distance weapons, you do get 20,000 bonus points at the end of each stage. On the sega master system you don't. It is rumored if you go through the whole arcade game without using a distance weapon you will receive 700,000 bonus points. OK, who could actual do that? I have a hard time beating the arcade version because you can't continue in the last stage. Also, how could you beat the bosses without using a distance weapon. It probably the joke as the Street Fighter II rumor of Shen Long. Go through the whole game with perfects and at the end you will fight Shen Long. Well, I'm not going to try this for the sega master system or the Arcade because I actual have a life. If it is true please email me.
The graphics are solid for an eight bit game. I can tell that most of the enemies are kept in the game and I can tell who they are from the arcade version. It looks 1000% better then the Nes version. I guess I have to stop making fun of the Nes version. Sega did produce the arcade version and tengent produced the Nes version. I guess it is not fair, but Shinobi for the Master System is better when it comes to graphic.
Sound & Music
The music is staight from the arcade which is a plus. The sound is good. The nes version of the jump will make your ears bleed. Sega is not that bad, but I don't think they need to use that sound effect for jumping.
The controls are solid and the d-pad is actually smoother then the arcade joystick. Jumps in some stages are a bit hard, but that is what a game is suppose to have. It is a little hard to beat the third level's boss if you don't have perfect timing and the last boss is a pain.
Replay Value
Music & Sound
Replay Value
The replay value is a plus because of the added weapons and life bar. It is Shinobi, an arcade classic. Of course it has a high replay value.
This is a classic ninja game for the Sega Master System. It is must have for any collector.
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