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Reviewer Name: Stan
Game Difficulty: Medium
Difficulty Options: True
Game Information
Full Title: Lemmings
Year Released: 1992
Game Type: Puzzle
Max Players: 1

Yes, the classic, all-time legend of a puzzle game for your SMS. The original was released around 1991 for PC. After it's success, it was released for nearly every system at the time including the NES, SNES, Genesis/Mega Drive, and, of course, the Master System. I've only played the original, the NES version, and the Genesis version, but looking at this game it, sadly, pales in comparison to almost all three.
As far as gameplay goes, this game has nearly everything that the Genesis version does, except for two major details. First off, there are only 4 levels of difficulty to pick from, not 6, thus I gave it a medium difficulty rating since you can't exactly call the game difficult if it's missing the hardest levels. Mind you, and keep this in thought, I only played a few levels here and there, so it may be that some of the harder levels from the nonexistent fifth and sixth levels were put into the SMS game, taking the place of easier ones. I don't know, as I didn't run through the game, since it was all the same as far as I saw there was no need to do so. Therefore, if you've played the whole way through Lemmings before, STAY AWAY from this, it is the same game almost entirely. There may be a few new levels here and there, but I doubt it. Second, the interface is different due to a control issue. I suppose it's not that important, but it kind of can be depending on how you play this game. Actually wait, yes it is, it is. It's beyond important. You'll see why below. Anyway, that's about it. Everything else is essentially the same, including the various tasks your Lemmings perform. In case for some reason you're not familiar with this game, basically you have to get a certain number of Lemmings (different each level) to a goal. You do so by avoiding obstacles and so forth and by using certain skills that you are provided on each level in order to so. These include building, digging, mining, climbing, and so forth. You get the idea. I think most people have played some version of this.
The graphics are good, they show off the SMS' capabilities rather well. There's not much to do since the main characters of the game are so damn tiny, but it's done well. The colors are nice and the texture of the backgrounds are wonderful. Nearly on par with the Genesis version and much better than the NES version. The opening segments were kind of bland, but not exactly bad either.
Sound & Music
Not bad, basically they've taken the classic Lemmings tunes and placed them on the SMS. Some of them are based on famous classical pieces, others were tailored for the game specifically. They're well done generally, and not annoying. Sounds effects are kind of bland, but it's really nothing to bother with since you're not playing this kind of game for the sound effects usually.
Here we go, the dreaded pause on the console problem. Good god why did they do that? It really gets to you in this game. Be prepared to pretty much sit right next to (or on) your Power Base. You can't play this game otherwise. If the cursor to select your Lemmings moved faster, it wouldn't have mattered, but it moves terribly slow. Plus, there is no way to access the interface without clicking on the boxes to select different skills. In the Genesis version you could select them using the "C" button or something, but in this you pretty have to get up, pause the game, move the cursor, unpause, select the lemming to change, and do it all over again if you have to. Very, very annoying. They should have anticipated how annoying it would be on the SMS before they went through with it. Terrible.
Replay Value
Music & Sound
Replay Value
Again, if you played any other Lemmings, this won't give you anything new, as far as I know. I know, I know, I didn't give it a complete look through, but it should have given me something to MAKE me want to, and it didn't. Right from the start the controls were a pain, and scanning through some levels with nothing new to be seen simply made me want to turn it off. I understand, every version was released at the same time, but why buy this at the time if something better existed?
In conclusion I'd have to say stay away from this game if you're a player, not a completist, it will offer you NOTHING new and nothing really redeeming whatsoever. Fans of Lemmings will be disappointed. In fact, even if you are a completist you probably won't get this. I'm completely anal with my collection and as soon as I played this I decided to streamline my SMS collection by one less title.
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