Review Information
Reviewer Name: Master Mark S. Kanaar
Game Difficulty: Hard
Difficulty Options: False
Game Information
Full Title: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Year Released: 1990
Game Type: Platform
Max Players: 1

Ok, the Indiana Jones movie is out and now I have to go back to my 8-bit days and find a copy of the video game. Sure, there was one for the Atari 2600 and a couple for the NES. All were horrible, so the Sega Master System must have the best version, right? Look, U.S. Gold made it. They made Gauntlet, that's a good game, right? Why is it called U.S. Gold when none of their games ever made it to the U.S.? Well, I ordered my copy from the UK, paid the expensive shipping fee and waited. Finally the game arrives and my heart beats hard to find out how awesome this game will be. Will it work in the US? Yes!!! The movie is awesome, the Sega Master System are awesome, so the game must be AWESOME??? RIGHT!!!? WRONG!!!!!
Ok, where do I begin? I thought the NES version of this game was bad. Well, they ported over a bad game and the controls are the same if not worse then the NES. If you fall too far, you die. That's understandable but most of the game you feel like you're in an ice skating rink. Also, if you run into an enemy, your life drops until you're dead. Why don't they let you flash for a second to recover is beyond me. Well, I guess giving you six lives to start with will even this problem out, right? Wrong, you start at the beginning of the level when you die. Fun!! You start by punching and when Indiana gets a whip there is a limit on how much you can use it. That's stupid. Also, the whip only attacks high, why? It must be to drive you nuts. I have to say that this game is most likely the worst game ever made on the Sega Master System. I would rather play the snail game then this.
The graphics are good, but the lack of colors sometimes makes the gameplay worse, if that's possible. There is not nearly enough color in the first stage. You start off in a cave. Indy is brown, the cave is brown, most of the enemies are brown and his whip, yes you guessed it, brown.
Sound & Music
The music is terrible and the sound effects are horrible. The music reminds you of being at the circus. That's fine if it was a circus game, but it's Indiana Jones. The sound of your energy dropping will drive you up a wall. I couldn't handle playing this game for more then five minutes, so I never made it past the first level.
The controls???? Well, they're bad. I'm trying to think of another Sega Master System game with controls this bad. OK, twice has bad as Virtua Fighter Animation, but most people have'nt played that game. Wait, imagine playing Choplifter, the good old cave stage, level 3 and 6. Remember how hard that was not to hit anything? Well it's like that but, in the first level.
Replay Value
Music & Sound
Replay Value
You'll only play it, once maybe, if you're a hardcore Indiana Jones collector with a Master System. There's no reason otherwise.
I had my heart set out to find a good Indiana Jones video game. I was hoping Sega Master System would do it justice and I was wrong. One day, there my be a good Indy game, but for now there isn't.
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