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Reviewer Name: Gordman
Game Difficulty: Medium
Difficulty Options: True
Game Information
Full Title: Global Gladiators
Year Released: 1993
Game Type: Platform
Max Players: 1

Global Gladiators! This is one of the games that was made to support a brand name, in this case itīs McDonalds. Wow, I got this game as a kid and I never managed to get it to the 2nd or 3rd level in world 1. The game starts with the two protagonists Mick and Mack sitting at.. McDonalds, what a surprise! They are looking through a comic of the īGlobal Gladiatorsī, whishing they could be the heroes. Then, Ronald McDonald appears and Mick and Mack find themselves in the middle of the comic! Too bad itīs a single player game, but you can choose if you want to play as Mick or Mack. But there are only visual differences between them. So letīs start with the gameplay part!
Global Gladiators is a classic platformer of the late era of the Master System. Your goal is to find a specific number of so called token per level. You cannot get to the next level without enough token, so you have to explore the environment with care. The number of token you need will be shown before you start a level. There is also a higher number of token to see, and if you manage to get them, you can reach a bonus stage. Ronald awaits you at the end of each level. While exploring the four different worlds (Slime World, Rain Forest, Toxi Town and an Arctic World), you encounter a lot of enemies. Some of them shoot in your direction when they recognize you, others just walk or roll from the left to the right. Beware of the flying enemies; they can be dangerous sometimes. You can shoot at them with a small slime pistol type thing, similar to a paintball gun. To find more token, you need to find some invisible platforms. It is worth the efforts, because it increases your number of token rapidly. You can collect a small timer for additonal time, 1ups and hearts to refill your actual health. The bonus stage is, in my opinion, the best thing in this game. You should try to get to this stage in every single level! There are three big trash cans and three types of dust and you have to throw all the stuff into their respective trash cans. Sometimes you can get some bonus coins or 1ups, but you must avoid the anvil! Itīs highly addictive and fun.
We have comic style graphics for everything in the foreground and more realistic backgrounds. Everything looks pretty nice, especially the background of the Rain Forest, but I think they could have been a little better with details. There are no framerate issues, very positive.
Sound & Music
We have three recurring tracks and the track for the bonus stage. All tracks are pretty cool and make the game what it is; which means that you will have some good memories of this game.
The only, but major issue with the controls is the strange jumping ability of the protagonists. Sometimes I think they are jumping over the moon and not in a slimy world full of bad guys. Itīs still way better than the controls of Psycho Fox.. It takes some time to get into it, but otherwise the game works fine and everything else is reliable. A good jumping ability is very important for a great gaming experience, and unfortunely, it ruins a lot in this game.
Replay Value
Music & Sound
Replay Value
I play the game in a two-year rhythm. Thatīs because of my nostalgic memories (I got this game as a birthday present from my mom when I turned 8 or 9), but itīs not the baddest game for the system. For children itīs pretty hard. but for the grown ups itīs absolutely manageable. You will collect enough lives during the game, but you will also lose some. The ending is absolutely terrible. It is one of those games where the game itself is more enjoyable than the ending; so donīt expect too moch.
Global Gladiators is a solid platformer with shooting elements that is worth buying. Especially if your pockets are almost empty, Global Gladiators is a good choice. The game represents the 90īs perfectly. If you like cartoon series like Tales from the Crypt and Mega Drive games like The Ooze, Global Gladiators will please your call for the 90īs. But please do me a favour and donīt run into the next McDonalds restaurant now.
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