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Reviewer Name: HotDiggerdyDamn
Game Difficulty: Medium
Difficulty Options: False
Game Information
Full Title: Danan: The Jungle Fighter
Year Released: 1990
Game Type: Platform
Max Players: 1

Missing the mid-Eighties rush to produce more mediocre, barbarian based, fantasy, fodder than would be deemed humanly possible comes Danan The Jungle Fighter! He's muscle bound, wears fuzzy trunks and wields a mighty...4 inch knife, ahem, he likes to punch warrior women in the boobs thus heightening thier risk of breast cancer (that by the way is a playground myth, getting hit in the boob doesn't give you cancer but my wife says it's like the female equevelant of getting jabbed in the love spuds - so there)and he loves to stab hummingbirds out of the very skies around him - he's DANAN!!! And he's come to rock your Master System...or has he? Read on brave adventurer! Or not...
You take direct control of the powerhouse that is DANAN! as he ventures out to find, first, the mighty dagger-of-something-or-other in the land of the amazons then some other useful sounding crap. To aid him in his typical-early-video-game-plot quest you can use a variety of animal familiars to do your bidding. So which of nature's mighty beasts does Danan have on his side? Surelythe king of the beasts, the lion? Nope, okay what about the powerful girth and force of the gigantic elephant? No, well, then what majestic creatures could possibly compliment the prowess and skills of the jungle fighter? Oh...the armadillo, the monkey and the eagle - okay the eagle's not so bad but give me a panther or a shark over a bleedin' armadillo any day of the jungle week. Sheesh. Oh well the fact remains that you are out to destroy the evil Gilbert...sorry Gilbas using some artifacts and some creatures summond through building power ups, and you can sort of level up through other items found through the many varied environs of Danans world. Be careful though you only have one life and elixirs are thin on the ground - just like the plot.
Quite good indeed. Nice big sprites with some decent animation. There are a good few locations to see and all have a high level of detail to them. Quite a stand-out title for the Master System as a whole.
Sound & Music
Heroic sounding battle anthems and more stabby sounds than you can shake a pathetically small, yet effective, dagger at.
Sharp controls mean you can do just about everything you need to with Danan when you need to do it. At times it all feels a little looser than other titles of the same ilk but it works well enough to be thoroughly playable and enjoyable. Good stuff.
Replay Value
Music & Sound
Replay Value
It's not a massive game but it's one-life policy will provide you with enough of a challenge to keep at it, but beyond that one play-through I'm not too sure. As I've said before it all depends on how much you like the concept and how much it grabs your attention, although I do feel that the game has enough charm and playability to become a firm favourite with certain players.
If a RPG-lite action title is what you're after then Danan should definately be one of the chaps to have a word with. Feeling like a cross between Rastan and Lord of the Sword with some interesting graphics, nice locations, enemies and extras to play around with you won't go far wrong here. It's getting a little difficult to find this one in good condition nowadays but not so difficult (and hence expensive) that you would be put out by the effort. A worthy addtion to any collection and a good challenge to boot.
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