Review Information
Reviewer Name: Amyrakunejo
Game Difficulty: Medium
Difficulty Options: False
Game Information
Full Title: Casino Games
Year Released: 1989
Game Type: Misc/Other
Max Players: 1

The casino has always been a desirable venue to visit for any person of any age, for many reasons. That being said, this attempt at bringing that home was not as spectacular as some others.
You start out by entering your name as Mr. or Ms. (but this doesn't actually mean anything other than for a password system), up to ten letters in length, then the accountant asks for your account number (password), or you start with $500. You have three game types: Cards, Slots, Pinball; Pinball has three table settings, affecting the angle but provides no progression and costs nothing. Slots is a single machine that changes its betting based upon how much money you have. You can bet up to nine credits per bet, and odds are you'll lose 4 times of 9. Cards: Poker (five card draw only), Blackjack (Vegas Rules), Baccarat. Poker: you have four different opponents (two women and two men), each of which have different personalities but neither one is harder or easier than the others (its hard or easy depending on how skilled YOU are at the game). Blackjack: All the standard options are available to you, hit, stand, double down and split, as well as insurance. Dealer hits at 16, stays at 17, busts at 22, as do you. No surrender (again, Vegas Rules as of the 1980s). Baccarat: The rules are standard, only eights and nines are naturals and instant winners. The idea of the game is to increase your bankroll enough to live a lavish lifestyle, which is unrealistic because casinos want your money, not for you to walk away with a ton more than you came with. Anyway, get to a million, you win! And see what I mean about Ms. or Mr. not meaning a damn thing.
The graphics are the best part of the game, sorry to say, but even then are for the majority, provocative in nature (as was the trend back in this era); pretty girls, large boobs, provocative outfits and poses too. The animations for the dealers, players and the receptionist are good for the era, even if simple. The card faces are excellently rendered, no denying that.
Sound & Music
The sound and music are good, however are too repetitive and quickly dull the experience.
Sometimes, when adjusting the bet the left and right movement sticks a little, other than that nothing to write about.
Replay Value
Music & Sound
Replay Value
If you like simple minded gaming, hot, slutty babes to look at and corny poker players to listen to, this is perfect for you. If you were looking for something to play again and again because it was fun for everyone, sorry, try Caesars' Palace.
It's worth a good laugh, if little more, however its not an epic tale or even an epic erotic night in Vegas, therefore it is not the best casino based game but it was a good attempt, make no mistake. I would recommend this game to nostalgia collectors and to those who partake in the humor therein, but not to a nine year old kid.
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