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Reviewer Name: HotDiggerdyDamn
Game Difficulty: Hard
Difficulty Options: False
Game Information
Full Title: Captain Silver
Year Released: 1988
Game Type: Platform
Max Players: 1

Grab your blade and don some pantaloons and prepare to shiver some timbers...or something like that. You'll take the control of young Jim, a spritely young gadabout who loves nothing more than to do battle with witches, lion-headed freaks and even the odd fountain! So letís dodge the NTSC version on our way to pure righteous playability in the form of Captain Silver.
I just realised that I may have ruined the entire point of the review with my last sentence up there in the Intro box, but then again no - after all I have to explain my sheer excitement over one of my favourite Master System titles of all time. But don't get me wrong here it's not without its share of problems, and as with most good reviews I won't let my absolute love of the game cloud my judgment over what got in the way of making it absolutely perfect.

As for the gameplay what we've got is a scrolling slash 'em up with various pattern following enemies who leave fat monies and power-ups behind. Each level is punctuated by shops and bosses and that's about the top and bottom of it, but it's all just so sublimely put together and sharp as a tack that it'll have you smiling and breathing sighs of relief as you conquer the pixel perfect jumps and various nasties.

The only minor downside to all of this is that some of the silliest things can kill you - fountains, really? FOUNTAINS! Sheesh.
Big, bold, colourful and filled with atmosphere. Nothing clashes and everything runs smoothly (for most part - there are the odd obligatory flickery moments but only enough to be mentioned in brackets.) On the downside the animation isn't the greatest Iíve ever seen but it works well enough to be perfectly functional. However another upshot is all the sprites (particularly the bosses) are really detailed and some of the backdrops are nearing the best looking on the system.
Sound & Music
Great music, a truly top notch use of the systems audio functionality. Catchy pirate flavoured tunes that practically reek of rum and parrot shat.....but in a good way.
Perfect - simply great. Intuitive and tight.
Replay Value
Music & Sound
Replay Value
If you're playing the NTSC version you're going to be missing a lot of the harder parts of the game, but also some of the best parts. So let's just say you're playing the far superior PAL version and that you're going to slip into this with initial ease then ĎBAM!í youíre hooked as it rips you a new one and you will enjoy every second of it.
A great adventure in every way - I can't really add any more to that sentiment. It may be running a little on the rare (and hence expensive)side now but its a simple concept pulled off with swashbuckling style that every SMS owner should get hold of!
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