Full Title: Y's: The Vanished Omens
Other Released Names: Ys (Japan)
First Release Year: 1988
Game Genre: RPG
Max Players: 1
Formats Released: The Two-Mega Cartridge Plus
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Cover Art Variation Notes
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Box Text
"Once long ago, the Kingdom of Y's fell under a reign of evil. But the Goddesses of Y's saved the Kingdom from ruin. Their feats were written in six magical books and hidden until the time the Goddesses would be needed again.
A thousand years later, that time has come. You are Aron, a wanderer. An evil sorcerer named Dark Dekt is planning diabolical magic. And the Seer Sara is desperately looking for a swordsman to help her find the vanished six books of Y's.
Now arm yourself and prepare for an adventure into the unknown. Where caverns nd towers are filled with creatures and hoards of teasure. Where the strangest people have the clues to tell you. Where your skill in combat depends on your reflexes.
If you suceed, you'll have the power to call down the Goddesses. Fail, and Dark Dekt will rule the Kingdom under a reign of terror forever!"
Start With More Gold
When you begin a new exiting and riviting game of Y's, you have only but 1000 pieces of gold. Usually you just buy a short sword with this measly amount. But it's possible to get enough money to buy a long sword, chain mail and a small shield if you do the following! When you start a game, exit Minea (your home) and go unarmed into the fields north of the town. Since you are unarmed avoid enemies, for obvious reasons. As you head north, cross the bridge that takes you across the river to the other field on your right. Then, travel south until you find a lake that looks something like the continent of Australia. On the right hand side of the lake there is a little indentation. If you make Aron walk into it you will find a "gold pedestal." Now go back to Minea and sell it to the man in the shop. While you're in the shop buy the "sapphire ring" and take it to the bar. Talk to one of the men and he will give you a greater reward for returning him the ring he lost than what you payed for it. You will now have over 3000 pieces of gold to buy a long sword, chain mail and a small shield!

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