Full Title: Ninja, The
Other Released Names: n/a
First Release Year: 1986
Game Genre: Shooting
Max Players: 1
Formats Released: The Mega Cartridge
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Cover Art Variation Notes
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Box Text
"Throughout your journey to the Ohkami Castle, you'll battle evil ninja warriors. Once there, you must destroy their leader, Gyokuro. Only then will you be able to save the princess from her prison inside the castle."
Green Scroll Locations
You need all the green scrolls to make it to the final part of the castle, otherwise the game sends you back to find them. Here are their locations:

Level 1: You get one after killing a rock ninja, easy to find because you have to kill the ninja.
Level 4:After you kill the first kunoichi (girl that jumps from behind the wall), you'll come to two dog statues. Shoot the one on the left five times.
Level 6: In the first island part of the level, move in front of the tree in the top corner and it will appear.
Level 8: Just before you fight Gyokuro, you'll see a small grass area on the right. Go to the top left of this screen and stand near the tree, it will appear.
Level 9: This is the final scroll. This one will only appear if you've collected the others, it will be at the top of the wall you climb. Kill the two ninjas on the right and the other two if you need to and grab it.

Pro action replay codes

00CD C009 Infinite Lives
00CE A301 Invinciblity (disable to collect scrolls)

Start With More Lives
Note: A controller with an auto-fire option is recommended. Locate the round tree on the right side of the first screen of level 1. Eliminate the first Ninja that appears. Approach the tree and shoot it for approximately fifteen minutes. Complete the level with 0% to receive ten lives and a large amount of bonus points.

Continue (Japanese version only)
On the Game Over screen, don't press anything. The game will return to the Sega Mark III logo; during the logo, press U]x5, Downx3 (if playing as Player 1) or Upx3, Downx5 (if playing as Player 2). When you start the game you will continue from the stage you died on.

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