Full Title: Baku Baku
Other Released Names: N/A
First Release Year: 1996
Game Genre: Puzzle
Max Players: 1
Formats Released: The Four-Mega Cartridge
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Box Text
Traslated from Portugese: Hour of the Rango! The Real Zoo is looking for a new caretaker to watch over the animals. To receive such an honor, the applicant will be tested! The task is to distribute different foods to the animals that enjoy them: bananas for the monkies, carrots from the rabits, etc. But move quickly, if the animals are left hungry the meal will be YOU!
Pro Action Replay Codes

00C4 90XX Minute Digit Modifier
00C4 91XX Seconds Digits Modifier

Level Passwords

Practice Fight 2: Panda Bone Stalk Bone
Practice Fight 3: Stalk Panda Stalk Carrot
Normal Fight 2: Monkey Banana Rabbit Rabbit
Normal Fight 3: Dog Banana Dog Bone
Normal Fight 4: Rabbit Carrot Carrot Bone
Normal Fight 5: Monkey Panda Carrot Bone
Normal Fight 6: Bone Dog Stalk Dog
Normal Fight 7: Dog Bone Panda Stalk
Hard Fight 2: Bone Dog Banana Panda
Hard Fight 3: Banana Monkey Carrot Monkey
Hard Fight 4: Panda Stalk Dog Bone
Hard Fight 5: Monkey Banana Stalk Carrot
Hard Fight 6: Panda Panda Rabbit Banana
Hard Fight 7: Dog Rabbit Carrot Bone
Hard Fight 8: Panda Monkey Stalk Rabbit
Hard Fight 9: Carrot Banana Carrot Rabbit

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