Full Title: Bubble Bobble
Other Released Names: Final Bubble Bobble (Japan), Dragon Maze (Brazil)
First Release Year: 1991
Game Genre: Puzzle
Max Players: 2
Formats Released: The Two-Mega Cartridge
Release and Rarity information
Released Europe
Released USA
Released Brazil
Released JAP
Released Other
Model No:
Rarity: (info)
Cover Art Variation Notes
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Box Text
"Welcome to the world of Bubble Bobble! Those funny critters, Bubblen and Bobblen are finally making an appearance in the Sega Master system. Play this game and see the wild adventures of Bubblen and Bobblen."
All Levels and Items
Type in the following password: 9ENVI555. You will start with all items and can select any level you wish from 1 to 200.

Pro Action Replay Codes

00CE B709 Infinite Lives (P1)
00CF 3709 Infinite Lives (P2)
00DB 00XX Stage Select (replace XX with round number)
00CE 7E00 Can't run out of time
00CE 9BFF Invincibilty

Secret codes
At the options screen, press Pause so the screen border changes to blue. Then enter one of the following cheats. If you do it correctly, the screen border will flash and in most cases, the extra items will be displayed on the left of the screen.

Code Effect
R L L R U D D R Start with 1 more life
D 2 1 R 1 D 1 2 Start with 3 more lives
D U U 1 1 1 U L Start with 5 more lives
L U L R L L D R Start with shoes
U D R D L L D 2 Start with shoes and blue candy
L L 1 R D 1 D L Start with 3 candies and shoes
R 1 U U U 1 1 2 Start with 3 candies, shoes, and fairy
1 L D U 1 U 1 U Start with 3 candies, shoes, fairy and 3 lives
U L D L D U U L Foods gallery
2 2 L 1 2 R 2 L Sound test
D 1 L 2 D 1 1 D Unknown
2 L 2 R U L 2 R
U L L U L 2 2 R
D 2 L 1 1 D 2 2
L D L D 1 2 1 1
Show hint screens (does nothing in export version)

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