Welcome to Sega8bit.com, one of the few fan sites dedicated to the Sega Master System. The aim of this website is to build upon and maintain a community for all those who still remember the glorious Sega Master System. The site itself provides a games database, which should provide screen-shots, box texts, manual scans, images and cheats/tips for your favourite games of yesteryear. A great deal of information can be found on this website, but it is more aimed at the gamer or collector than technical boffin, and is by no means comprehensive, neither does it aim to be. What is most important to us is your opinions, your stories and your memories of playing these great games. If you can capture those on a game review then please share them with us.

Cover art tournament by Ian on 09/01/2016

There is a great variety of box art styles for SMS games, but which is the best? A tournament has been organised over on the forum and members have been casting votes for their favourite cover art. Have your say

SMS Event 2015 by Ian on 11/08/2015

The seventh annual SMS event took place on August 1st at Pub/Zoo in Manchester. As usual, a fantastic time was had by all. Check out the event page for a video and photos.

The SMS Awards by Ian on 14/06/2015

The public have been placing their votes in 10 different categories for the Sega Master System Awards. The votes have been counted and results have been revealed in this awards ceremony video. Feel free to discuss the results on the forum.

SMS Event 2014 by Ian on 02/08/2014

The sixth annual SMS event took place on August 2nd at Pub/Zoo in Manchester. As usual, a fantastic time was had by all. Check out the event page for a video and competition results.

Guide to Secret Command by Ian on 24/12/2013

I have finally got around to creating a new game guide. This time around, Secret Command gets a full breakdown. There's plenty of tips and secrets to discover. There's even some handy videos. Check it out!

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The forum provides a place for SMS fans to meet and discuss our beloved console. If you have fond memories of playing the games, or if you're a collector, you can discuss it here. You can also find out what's rare, trade with other members and post your wants list.
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